Magnifying parts of the screen

Does anybody know a tool that can magnify a part of the screen on PureOS in Phoc/Phosh?

Ideally when in use it should look like this:

Would be nice if the radius and the strength of the magnification would be adjustable.

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This --> :mag: ? See: :grin:

I assume that you want something like GNOME’s magnify a screen area. Since Phosh is based on GNOME, I hoped to find the files for that, but I couldn’t find anything, but I only looked for 5 minutes before giving up, because I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Settings --> Accessibility does not seem to offer that in L5 (at least for now). The Gnome app for this would be and, if I’m not mistaken?
I’m not sure if this can be made to work:

(ps. I hope the five people that looked at that previous wiki entry learned something new :wink: )

I tested both of these, but they don’t currently work:

The first one, when launched, just shows a black screen. The second one opens to the screen as depicted here, but I think the app expects a desktop/mouse environment, and it has some display issues.

Possible workaround in a pinch:
Take a screenshot, view image, and zoom image with + and - keys.

Also Ctrl + already works in some apps on some screens. (FYI, for those who might not realize.)

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I don’t think that would be very practical on a touchscreen device, would it?

I’ve seen that Android allows to enable magnifying the whole screen on triple tap. That’s something we could implement in phoc as well.

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Don’t know, can’t really imagine it, yet. What I’d like would be something like:

  • hit a button / app icon
  • screen returns to the app used before
  • tap the screen at the place the magnification should take place
  • magnification ends after a predefined time or when the button / app icon is tapped again

Magnification in my case would only help if it would be life updated. A screenshot wouldn’t do.

Another mode where the magnifying glass could be moved around by some gesture / using two fingers or whatever trick would be great, but for a start a very simple mode would be nice.

The size of the area of magnification, the level of magnification and the timeout could be preconfigured.

And yes, this would be an accessibility feature, but no, please, - until other stuff is resolved and settled - please do not invest time and energy :wink: .

This thread was meant to ask for some existing solution that could be used with phoc/wayland like vmg for x11 e.g.