Majority of Americans now use ad (and tracker) blockers

Some interesting statistics: Study claims more than half of Americans use ad blockers • The Register

Is the tide finally turning?

But… (quote)

Schmetz said one surprising finding had to do with the extent to which people trust various companies that collect online data. “It’s quite amazing that Google is still trusted, even though it is the biggest collector.”

P.S. The ads that The Reg would like us all to enable on their site come from Google/Doubleclick. :roll_eyes:
Fat chance, Reg!


It was always turning, just delayed compared to social movements such as Purism, Nitrokey, PINE64 and so on.

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Thank you for that link - interesting article!
We could even dream that this trend will continue…and that they all ditch their smartphones (in cybersecurity parlance: “surveillance device”) and revert back to using “dumbphones” as was recounted in a recent topic about Gen Z.
I am not surprised about the comment on Google: when I ask someone what they think about The Evil Squid, invariably people answer they “absolutely love Google and all its Apps and services”…
Amazing! Dichotomy or ignorance?