Make Display > Mirror Stick?


  • Using L5 Evergreen (720x1440)
  • Hoyoki Dock
  • Wireless BlackWeb keyboard/mouse combo w/ dongle
  • HDMI Monitor (1920x1080 (16:9))

In L5 "Settings > Displays there are 3 “Display Mode” choices.

  1. Join Displays
  2. Mirror
  3. Single Display

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Unable to make settings stick. Only option that sticks is the default “Join Displays”. Clicking “Apply” screen flashes for a second and settings is back at default.

Under the Join Displays:
There are 2 boxes - one is the L5 the other is the monitor. L5 is configured to Portrait and Monitor is Landscape.
There are 2 displays noted: Primary and Built-in. I gather the Built-in is the L5.

Too many problems with “default mode”:

  • Can only use icons on the L5 instead of clicking the ^ to swipe up as in Mirror or single display on monitor.

  • Using Calendar for example, and dragging from L5 to monitor resize Cal to 2 columns, 4 rows not including menu at top and bottom (that’s 6 rows), causes the programs screen to grow in height. Re-size it on the monitor back to small again. Close and open it again, is OK, but when dragging it to the L5, just as it hit’s that M$oft auto-enlarge-to-full-screen causes the program (Cal) window to enlarge and stay that way.

  • Some programs cannot be moved across screens. Text editor for example, on L5 top half (icon below) is so tiny that it’s hard to find a place to click and drag due to the large black circle with white X covering it.

  • If I click on Settings > Network, it hangs and need to reboot the L5.

Leaving Network out of it, and rebooting, I set Settings > Displays > Mirror will cut monitor in half and dragging a widow from right to left in Monitor starts to show up in L5 as the left edge of the open file hits centre of monitor, it shows up on the L5. The L5 has changed form it’s 720 magnify 200% to 720 no magnify. Barely legible.

Bottom line is, can’t use Mirror or Single display and jumping back and forth between L5 to open a program using the default of L5 doesn’t improve productivity.

Calendar now opens so high up off screen on monitor, it cannot be resized, moved, or [X]

I there a way to force the L5 to stick with 720x1440 @ 200% zoom and not change to 720x1440 no zoom in a manner that doesn’t change the Monitor settings either?


i am not using mirror mode as my TV is not cape-able of L5 screen resolution.
i can select mirror mode, but it leads to a reset of Setting/Displays to the defaults.

When i am in docking mode i set “Join Displays”, “Primary Display” my TV and Scale to 125%.
This settings are lost by:

  1. screen/phone rotation portrait/landscape
  2. un/re-plug usb-c
  3. selecting mirror mode
  4. restart/reboot

with 1) 2) and 3) i see the same strange behavior of App Windows that

  • expand to full-screen, not coming back to their previous size/position.
  • apps window top title bar is unreachable/clickable.
  • apps window starting on phone screen reaching to TV
  • swipe up ^ bottom bar is reset to Phone display

i have created a ticket:

Mirror mode isn’t currently supported in phoc, that’s why it doesn’t “stick”.

I just Powered off the L5, powered on again. And now - just a light grey screen - no action. No login. Just “enter disk decryption passphrase”. On What!!!
There is no tapboard (keyboard - I read it isn’t a keyboard but can’t remember what Puri wants it called). Whatever it was that was there before with all the letters and numbers on it we could fight with to enter the password, is no longer friendly. I tried telepathy, bribing, threats, I even promised to get it a date with iPhone2000
What are we supposed to use now that there is no whatever that thing is er, was?

I’ll unplug everything and start over Again!

What a awkward way to find that out. Days after trying a lot of stuff, & searching…

Some quick answers below:

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For the inclined auditorium.

There is already a corresponding ticket:
Guido Günther commented:
Remembering display settings / scale / output position is tracked in phoc#255


thx for the tip.

In english, does it mean there are no “display settings / scale / output position:” on camera either?

the ticket is about monitors/displays.
there is also a thread for setting monitor/display settings on connect.

Thanks for the link to another novel. I’m already aware of what is SUPPOSED to happen once I get through the setups without being able to see Settings, so I can enlarge fonts to a readable size so I can use Settings.