Make the documentation of Librems more generic about the software

The documentation of Librem devices focuses too much PureOS. Make it more generic so that it can also be used with other operating systems and refer PureOS specific things to the PureOS documentation (

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Ping @mladen

How would anyone know what is specific to PureOS without knowing which other operating system(s) you are referring to? After all, any given piece of information might be specific to a subset of the world’s operating systems.

You could possibly make your suggestion less vague by specifying what operating system(s), presumably excluding PureOS, you are interested in.

Honestly I don’t know whether anyone is working solidly to ensure the documentation is kept up-to-date for one operating system (PureOS), never mind about all operating systems. Right now, PureOS, as it applies to the Librem 5, is changing week by week.

It sounds like a lot of work. I would rather Purism focus on making what they do have as good as it can possibly be.

In theory this kind of thing can be handled, for information that is delivered via the web, using conditionality in the back end documentation source. So you choose which operating system you are interested in and any text that is known not to apply to that operation system (or variations on that theme) is excised from the HTML that is ultimately presented to the web client.

That way, the user doesn’t have to skip text that does not apply and the vendor does not have to maintain completely separate documentation for multiple operating systems.

Easy, focus in the documentation on the hardware and e.g. installing the operating system. Leave some of the most important software guide, but make it fairly generic like the Arch Wiki.

For example:

I don’t know what that post is trying to say but fairly obviously any documentation that includes screen shots is specific to one or more operating systems (taking “operating system” to include the whole software stack).

How much of money you going pay to make change what you want?

Or how much of money you going pay me to explaning you why Purism is focus too much in PureOS overall?

Send your feedback and ideas to Purism.