Making and Receiving Phone Calls on Your Librem 5

I have found that unless several people on this forum make a claim about the Librem 5, that you can count on the fact that whatever the issue is, that the answer is a definitive negative. For example, until just recently, no one on this forum was getting their phones well after Purism’s announced Aspen shipping date had come and passed. It wasn’t until just recently (maybe the past month or so) that Librem 5 phones started being shipped to some real customers (apparently). All of the posts weeks earlier by one guy who is in charge of Purism Marketing and who was asking ‘what should I put on my Librem 5 phone?’, and the one youtube personality unboxing a Librem 5 with Todd (both several weeks before any real shipping started) had nothing to do with any real Librem 5 phones actually being shipped to real customers at that time. So the question at that time that asked if any Librem 5 phones were being shipped in that case would have been answered as a definitive ‘no’, regardless of what claims Purism was making about shipping at that time. So with this in mind, I have a question and am looking for this kind of definitive yes/no answer based strictly on a consensus of people on this forum who currently possess a Librem 5 phone at this time. A lack of several affirmative answers on the topic in this very thread should give us a clear ‘no’ answer to the question. I am hoping that several people will respond in the affirmative, which would equate to an unconditional ‘yes’. To keep it simple, let’s start with a default answer of ‘no’ and see if anyone can prove this default answer to be wrong.

So here is the question. Does using cellular 4G and LTE phone calling on the Librem 5 work yet? A yes answer would require the ability of current Librem 5 users to both make and to receive 4G or LTE voice calls, and to be able to carry on clear two-way voice communications in the cases of both making and receiving calls on any major US carrier. It would have to work reliably and without requiring any unwieldy work-around to get it to work reliably. It’ll be interesting to see what various people have to say if the phone calls are not fully functional yet. But mostly, I am looking for either a yes or a no and not a yes, followed by a list of bugs and work-arounds.

To all who currently possess a Librem 5 phone, please respond.



Isn’t Todd the arch-nemesis of Sylvester from the Talking Kitty youtube series?

(Episode 11)

The very same Youtuber you mentioned very recently tweeted that calling, texting, and bluetooth headphones are working for him:


@StevenR to reply to your question I would link this post from a Librem 5 backer that just got his unit:


I can make calls working, when on 4G, here in Sweden. The people I called complained about an echo on their voice and wasn’t very impressed with the audio quality. From my side it was fine though, no issues.


Since shortly before Christmas, I can make outgoing calls. But only if I “killall calls” on the terminal once after booting, to get rid of the “no voice capable modem” warning.
I was able to formally receive calls before audio was working. But last time I tried a couple of days ago, I did neither see nor hear any indication of incoming calls, and thus could not answer.
It could have improved already, as updates come in on a daily basis.

Bluetooth does not work for me. For details see:


So after four days, we have three roumors/links that it works, one person who says it’s working well, and two others who report that it is working, but has bugs still. You would think that if many more than six phones were shipped, that there would be several others here, reporting-in on a topic like this.


This should answer your question.

I tested it again two days ago. It was the first time I could hear the phone ringing. I picked up, and we had a short conversation. So now calls work in and out.


For what my word is worth since you seem to be more interested in information from people outside Purism, from our experience not everyone that receives our hardware, does forum/video channel/blog reviews.

But if you have not done it already I would also recommend you to visit our matrix channels, where you also have some backers that have already received their phone also comment on the status of it, issues and features.

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