Making display more usable (for me anyway)?

This is probably expecting too much, but I’ll ask. I couldn’t find anything that addresses this.

Is it possible to have like a favorites bar on the left side of the screen with the apps I use the most? I think ubuntu use to have this sort of option that I think was accessed via ‘display’ (although I’m not sure about this). This way I could get rid of the things I don’t use regularly and call them up.

Or alternatively, a way to hide those I don’t need. But retrieving them when I want them may be problematic?

Probably asking too much, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

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You can pin and unpin apps to and from Favorites, which is above the App Grid.

Ah, yes I see. That will work. Now I just need to take the plunge and get rid of the not working apps and I’m pretty much there.

I’ve got to say that this phone has been a dream. Off topic, but I’ve not had a problem. It all works, its pretty intuitive. The only hold back for me is that for work I use a dual sim phone running lineage, otherwise I’ve got two phones. I bought this because of the price but really want to use it now. If only it had dual sim capability, which I know is way beyond the scope of the project. But I love it.


There is no better time to get two Librem 5s to compartmentalize your “personal” and “work” activities.

I just want to avoid two phones. I actually bought another sim for the L5 anticipating that it would need some work before it became usable. I didn’t know it would be ready to go for what I need. Its a nice surprise.

I’m anticipating that if I get another Librem it will be the Fir model, if it warranted it. I’ve put my order in for a tablet for christmas! I think that will be fun.


I wish it had dual sim capability, too.

A possible workaround could be using one SIM in the phone along with a second/separate VOIP number w/SIP dialing, or an XMPP account. Some VOIP providers, in addition to phone calls, also include basic SMS, but not necessarily MMS. An XMPP account can get you phone calls, SMS, and picture messages.

The L5’s calls and chat applications can handle the addition of both VOIP/SIP and XMPP accounts.

There may be some additional apps that you can use for XMPP or SIP dialing, but you’ll have to research which ones work well.

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