Making Preparations for flashing Heads

Hello All,

I am in the process for flashing Pure boot / Heads. I followed the instructions for terminal commands and was successful for flashing / updating the Standard Seabios but was trying to flash to a thumb drive as was recommended by the procedure before flashing heads so as to have a backup in case of a failure.

Going through the prompts in the bios download did not indicate where to choose to flash to. also the copy command could not be used within the prompts.

I followed this:

mkdir ~/updates
cd ~/updates
wget -O
sudo bash ./

and then tried to utilize this:

cp *.rom /media/FJ/USB/

but couldn’t use it anywhere within the prompting process.

I would suppose that I must incorporate the update directory (that was created above) in the copy command above in order to flash it to my thumbdrive?

Thank you.

----I just followed my inclination to cd to updates, then to firmware and utilized the copy command to my thumbdrive and saved a file to the drive named-----coreboot-l13v4.rom which is 16.8 MB in size…is this it? Was it done right?

@MrChromebox Ping :sunny:

this part of the PureBoot instructions is a bit out of date, there’s no real advantage to downloading a backup of the coreboot/SeaBIOS firmware for your device before it’s needed. But I can definitely make it a little easier / more clear should you choose to

Thank you @MrChromebox. That would be great. I surely do appreciate it. In addition to a little more clarity I copied to this reply the following from another post I submitted believing they are both part of the same process:

Hello All,
I am going thru the instructions/process for generating keys for the librem key to use with heads. Just a couple of questions:
The instructions indicate to generate the gpg keys on the computer and then transfer to the librem key and furhter down in the instructions I can just generate it on the key itself.

Is it possibe to generate the keys for use with heads on the Librem Key itself?
Is it possible to copy this key to another librem key (I have 2) to keep a backup incase of loss?
I use enigmail for thunderbird and have previous made keys for email,however I see that when I generate keys for the librem key (both on the key itself and on the computer) they are listed in the enigmail key manager. Is there anything beneficial with this? Is it a security issue?
Thank you,

Also is it possible to flash heads and set up the Librem Key at a later date? Would I still be able to access the laptop without the key?

BTW I will be heading out to sea for a 4 month tour of duty on this coming Thursday and may not be able to respond efficiently to any additional posts after that day.