Manual Appimage Integration

I’ve followed the advice here:

And installed Appimage Launcher to automatically integrate app images. It works just fine, until I reboot. Then when launching appimages it integrated, it goes into a loop, relaunching the application.

The only fix was to force restart and uninstall Appimage Launcher.

Until I find a fix I need to integrate appimages manually.

How is that done?

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This is something that somehow seems to have gotten worse with time with AppImages. They used to be able to relatively automatically get added, but I’ve had issues with the integration (and some other strange issues) with AppImages recently.

Basically, what you’ll need to do is create a .desktop file, as demonstrated in the third answer here:

A slightly edited version of the content of that answer is pasted here for convenience:

Create a .desktop file that points to the application – here is an example of a .desktop for minecraft:

[Desktop Entry]

Put that file in ~/.local/share/applications

So in that Minecraft example, the .desktop file would be ~/.local/share/applications/minecraft.desktop, and you would replace the </path/to/Minecraft/AppImage> part with the actual path on your computer.

Sometimes GNOME is slow to pick up the presence of a new .desktop file, but I think running gtk-update-icon-cache from the Terminal will refresh things.

I’m also not 100% sure the icon will work properly, though - you may have some default symbol like a gear or something show up in the launcher, but it should still launch.

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Thanks. Worked!