Manual settings for services


Does anyone know the Home Server URL and the Identity Server URL for
I’m trying to setup fractal.
EDIT: found it in librem-chat source!

Is there any comprehensive list of settings for manual setup of all the services?
Good instructions are here: (see reply by @joao.azevedo )

So far I found:

Librem Mail:
User Name:
Account type: IMAP
Host name:
Outgoing server:

Librem Chat:
User Name:
Home Server URL:
Identity Server URL:
User Handle:

Librem Social:
User Name (for login):
User Handle:

Librem Tunnel:
User Name:

Librem Chat docs

For Tunnel, take a look here:

Hi, just a small correction, in this section in user handle it should read and not

You can also check the getting started documentation:

Thanks a lot!

I fixed the handle and added your link to the docs.