Manufacturer of the final modem


Have you chosen the modem now?
Or what is the modem manufacturer you currently looking ?

The initial release was end of january. The hardware should be chosen yet no ?
I know there are dev chat, forum but not found anywhere this information.

I search always a response of the dual sim support for this phone. First phone draw not show anywhere the second sim slot. Simcom not produce any 3/4/5G dual sim modem only GSM/2G network that is stopped country by country in next years.

I’ve been following this project for a long time now and I’m waiting on it to participate.

Thank you for your help

The Devkits have either the SIMCom 7100A or the SIMCom 7100E.

So I’d assume the final phone will have one of those depending on region.

Write somewhere that’s the devkit shouldn’t be used for phone (modem) testing.
Only basic test because it’s not a defintive choice.

So if I trust the draw of the smartphone there isn’t dual sim at all but why not say that officially ?
Or we choose Simcom and not have dual sim modem available dual 3/4/5G.

Soft/hard should be finalized soon because need to enter production phase for deliver the phone in April.

In the Librem 5 General development report they state “Since the modem used on the actual phone may be different from that of the dev kits, some initial testing has begun on the Gemalto PLS8 modems.”

I have seen lots of questions asked about dual sim but haven’t seen a definitive answer, I think they might be trying to find space in the phone but because they are using custom components it might not be doable space-wise and has a low priority?

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Not remember this information about this model but thank you !

This modem include under “interfaces”

  • “2 UICC (SIM/MIM) interfaces 1.8V / 3V from Rel.3.0 onwards and
    for PLS8-X /-VSerial Interface (UART)”

Any news/tests of this modem on dev part or nothing ?
EDIT : I found this

I know that’s not the first priority but project come to end now so some choices should be made no ? :slight_smile:

In the matrix channel librem-5 it has been told that the plan is to have only one SIM slot for v1 of Librem 5 and it’s not likely that SIM7100 will be used:!$

It’s true only one sim for first phone may be the second phone…

And not any informations about the modem used need to wait.