Marketing Your Products

Hey, I would like to advertise the Librem 5 USA, and Librem Key on my made in USA platform. I would write an advertisement and leave a link directly to the products page on your website. Can I get a contact in your company to go over this, I really like your products. Your organization and products are the type Im looking to connect more American consumers with. Thankyou

It may help to mention your web site here.

Just a concidence, I was letting the AM radio ramble on in my car, an advert for a phone service called “Pure Talk” was on the air.

I think it would be darn funny if Purism (if it worked on their network) could collude. Think of the ad, Pure Talk on Purism Librem5! (Or would it be Purism Librem5 on Pure Talk?)

You might want to check out the contact emails at

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Also take a look at