Mate desktop in PureOS on Librem 5 and 14


I just saw on the PURISM website that it is possible to install the Mate desktop on the Librem 5.

Is it possible to install it in addition to the original interface and thus have the choice at each startup?
Or do you have to choose between the two once and for all?

I have the same questions for the Librem 14.

Thanks in advance,

I do not know about L5, but I use mate desktop on L13 for more than a year now.

On the Librem 5 that is not possible at the moment, you need to manually disable phosh and then enable mate

As for the desktop that is possible to choose which to start at boot.

I wold have preferred Cinnamon.

is there any tutorials on how to do this? i installed mate using “sudo apt install mate-desktop-environment” but when I can’t figure out how to disable phosh.