Matrix experience so far

I just recently started using matrix (aka Librem One Chat) and would like to discuss my impressions so far.

  • I looked for a linux desktop client and tried some (nheko, mirage, fluffy, …) and didn’t find one that’s been usable to me. Fluffy looks really nice, but needs that much memory I de-installed it. The rest I tried isn’t ready, yet, in my opinion. I ended up using the element plugin for nextcloud - even though I do not like much web-apps.
  • In Android (family phones) I installed element, which works as expected.
  • All, but one of my contacts are registered in Private Messages to other members often need more than an hour, which made us stop using matrix for any time critical communication. To me it seems that messages from outside or in public channels are often faster.

Overall I’m thinking about dropping the accounts of my family, because it doesn’t work as expected.

Any opinion, help, insight welcome!

I use with the Brave browser on the desktop, and it works very well for me (any Chrome-based browser should be fine). Just follow the links for “Get Element”, “Open in your browser”. There is a way of getting the browser to install Element with a stand-alone launcher so it doesn’t look too much like a web app, but it was ages ago that I set it up, and I can’t remember how I did it now.

I installed Element via
Use the linux script to install, once, via terminal and use it as an application (dashboard icon)

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I use the Element application on Fedora. I installed this flatpak.

Similar experience. I use the web client from but the delay in sending and receiving is why I stopped using it or trying to move to it. For me Rocket Chat and XMPP have and are doing fine jobs.