Matrix - growing with no money

Matrix is growing massively from 44.1 to 80.3 million Matrix-IDs last year. But even companies or governments who are using Matrix often don’t pay for that. Now they have huge problems to pay developers for that needed work and wrote a blog post. I wanted to share it, because many people here are interested in Matrix.

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“No money” is a bit of an interesting way to put it. Back when the Librem 5 project was taking off, New Vector appeared to be funded similarly well as we did. I don’t know since then, but they certainly didn’t feel the pandemic supply squash in the same way we did.

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That’s true. The point is, that they grew a lot last year, but their income didn’t increase. On (german webside) I read that they already had to fire developers, because they couldn’t pay for all. However, I’m not deep in that topic, just wanted to share (in my opinion) important news.

Yes, and because of this kind of issues i do not trust Services, i can not host by myself. However Matrix use Community-Servers as far as i know, even with some proprietary code. But its kind of Sad.

The run over, can be explained by a movement, flash spreading to an alternative. Mastodon grow too fast last year, but the genius behind reject money for selling his kid…