created by Amdocs: a wiretapping firm implicated in 911 terrorist attacks and Israeli Espionage in The USA

I just learned that Matrix was originally funded by Amdocs; Amdocs used intelligence gathered from backdoors in Israeli wiretap systems sold to the U.S government to prevent US intelligence and law enforcement agencies from tracking and stopping suspects behind the 911 terrorist attacks. Here is foxnews’ four part series on Amdocs’ implication in the 911 terrorist attacks:

More info on Amdocs connection to

Totally agreed that the document [privacy policy] is scarier than it should be: it was written by lawyers organised by the guys who originally funded (Amdocs), and they were optimising for comprehensiveness rather than something that was user-friendly to read.

“As of July we are entirely free from Amdocs, but rewriting the privacy policy has not yet got to the top of the list, especially as it costs money to ensure it’s remotely legally accurate (of which we have very little right now, oye vay?)”

So the question is is Amdocs Matrix a secure network designed for terrorists by terrorists to evade being detected by governments and intelligence agencies around the world for Jewish firms such as Amdocs engaging in espionage [1], [2], [3], [38:52] and terrorism to benefit the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine?, or are they using it as a back door to spy on you?

So why would the worlds most private phone use technology developed by an Israeli wiretapping and espionage firm implicated in the deaths of 3000 Americans, who compromised communications of the FBI, L.A.P.D, DEA, and Secret Services in their investigations into organized Israeli criminal activities?

Bring on the shills and talking heads.

I made a video on this recently, and was assistant producer of the following documentary back in 2013 on this very subject