Matrix push notifications

I used to use Rocket Chat a lot. One of the things they did was start to charge community servers for push notifications if it exceeded 10k a month. (I always thought that was pretty generous) It was something like $5 a month for 20k+ of notifications. Pretty good deal and you supported Rocket chat instead of hundred for an enterprise server account.

With Matrix and Element I am not quite sure I understand the push notification situation. Does folks behind element has a gratis push notification server up that we can really use for free? What are the limitis, etc. I donated to Matrix because I am using their software both the clients and the server. But I am just curious about this, because it was a none issue on Rocket chat for 10 years, and then it was.

Hi 2disbetter,

i do not use Matrix. But what i know about Push-Notifications is… that you can set up your own Server with a fix IP reached by the internet to do so, if you know what you are doing. And i think it should be configured by your Matrix Client too.

But take care, with Push-Notifications you have to have the client site too, to not leak information. Every Message receiver, which use Apple, Android… will have resolve likely that Push-Notifications through Apple, Alphabet or Amazon-Cloud-Services.

Today its hard to have privacy…

I would just try to spare digital Messages and have more offline face to face communication. In between, just minimize push notifications…

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