Max SD card capacity supported

Hello, I got a question about how much SD card capacity does the Librem 5 will support? Because since nowadays storage is pretty damn cheap I’d like to throw in a ginormous 512GB SD card in my Librem 5 that way I can have everything I would like to have on my computers in my pocket and not be bothered by storage management. :sunglasses:

BTW another question but not very important (as I think that the answer will be “Yes you can”), will I be able to compress and decompress 7z/LZMA2 archives? Because for the matter of saving space that’s what I’m used to use :stuck_out_tongue:


I also purchased specifically to be able to actually have a computer in my pocket and agree large storage capacity would be awesome. Hopefully we get some updates after the Chinese New Year business.


Big ass SD card? Sounds good to me!

Would love to get 1TB SD card but since the tech is so cutting edge you have to sell a kidney just to get your hands on one of theses. :sob:

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In general it works like this: The officially supported maximum size is typically what was available when the specs for the device (the reader) were written. But all that means is that nobody tested a bigger one. If the protocol stays the same, a bigger one should still work.

For example, my Galxy S3 officially supports 64GB, but has no problem with my 128GB card.

So, no matter what the official spec will say, just try a bigger one :slight_smile:

(And of course, all standard compression stuff will work on the Librem 5. Just not sure if there will be good UI from the start. Also keep in mind that 7z uses a LOT of CPU to get the good compression rates it gets…)


Has there been any update/conformation by regarding the “max” SD card?

  • good point @Caliga about just putting in something a little bigger to see if it fits!

Not officially.

Unofficially a Purism employee writes in the link just above that “256 GB” works for him.

2TB cards don’t seem to be available yet - so I guess noone can test one. But that is the expected maximum, unofficially, until shown otherwise.

One day when I have my phone, I will test something bigger than 256 GB, if noone has already done so, but that won’t be official.

How big do you need? :slight_smile:

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I think 256 would be just fine, I currently have 128 but if its a mini pocket computer too, I could see the need for a little more :wink:

Thanks for the info! ;]

There is some info in the FAQ.