Maximize and Minimize buttons missing in Purebrowser Librem 15v3

Hi Folks,
New Librem 15v3 w/ updates run and the Purebrowser only shows an X to close, no minimize button?? Any help appreciated.

I’m not running PureOS at the moment, but I think what you’re seeing is just part of a GNOME (the desktop environment) design decision.

You should be able to install GNOME Tweak Tool from the Software app (if it’s not already installed).

Within Tweak Tool, select the “Windows” option from the sidebar, and then under the “Titlebar Buttons” header, you should be able to turn on the maximize and minimize buttons.

Thanks! That worked perfectly. However if you search for GNOME Tweek tool in the OS search only the “software” icon comes up and it is inside that. I mention this for first time users of the Linux environment. Thanks again