Maximizing my investment... Training Options?

TLDR; I am the type who learns better through hands-on experience. Willing to pay a Jedi/Sith if you have patience for a n00b.

Hi there,

Linux has only recently become my daily driver. I have a basic grasp of how to navigate the file system(s). I use *nix based appliances professionally, so have have a tiny headstart. I’m still deep in the “n00b” category in the context of privacy/security.

Got my Phone and seriously considering the Librem 14. I figured I should get to the same level of confidence as with … the other platform… first before dropping another 2Gs…

Something like a Academy or something… ?

Thanks for your time.


Might be best to mention your country if not also your more specific location.

I wouldn’t worry about being a n00b. Everyone started as a n00b.

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Welcome to the Linux community! Like the other commenter said, we all started as n00bs so don’t worry to much. If you are getting a hang of the phone, which is relatively new territory for Linux, then you should get along well with the full desktop distribution (aka distro).

One piece of advice would be to make sure you understand what command you are running if it involves “sudo” as it’s a very powerful tool. Some distros are more n00b friendly and will warn you that it might break your system; others, like Debian that PureOS is based on, will let you break your system. But if you backup your data often then it’s all part of the fun!