Maybe Someone Should Pitch the L5 to This Sweeney Guy

If Android and IOS are the issue, maybe the markeing guy at can make a sales pitch?

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This Sweeney guy is one of main developers of the Unreal engine and is behind Epic games. He is a pretty prominent figure in the games industry, and what he is saying here is a good thing for gamers. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the guy. He is of the John Carmack era.

As Steam is already on the Linux bandwagon, it would be great if Epic could also get on board.


not only is it onboard it’s ON-BOARD … :joy: >

but 1.2 million seems like chump-change for a company this large …, Not the same folks that made “Kittens in a Blender” ?

For a company like Blender, that is a massive donation, no matter the size of the company giving it.

not that it matters WHOM they give it to it’s the positive PR they are getting in return so they shouldn’t cheap-out even if it’s “JUST” Blender …

Personally, anybody who looks at 1.2 million and says they cheapened out, is seeing things I’m not.

Please show me some similar situation where a open source project such as blender received more money.

Regardless, I guarantee the people who actually received the money weren’t complaining or trying to look the gift horse in the mouth.

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why would they ? this is the first time the development fund has reached this state … btw the corporate funding surpasses that of the community … looking the gift horse in the mouth is MY flaw …

I think Android is more of a fake closed system rather than a fake open one, since despite how many APIs rely on Google Apps and despite the scary warning messages, one still can use Android without Google Apps if one does it right, as much as the messages and Google Apps may try to convince one otherwise.

One could even say, that it would be epic if that happened =(⌐■ω■)= !

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This is the same company that is doing things like ending Rocket League on Linux, among some other crummy things, mind you.

To be fair supporting native applications on Linux is a real cluster. I don’t blame any game company for not targeting Linux directly. The ones that do are above and beyonders and are not being fairly compensated for the workload, in general.

Also, as someone who’s recently started playing Steam Games on Linux let me say Steams work on Proton is amazing.

While Linux support for games is awesome and while I really wish non steam games had it / helped the game support something like Proton, it’s not too big of an issue now. Proton is just really, really good in my experience and I think they’d be better off just making the game work well with Proton or help the Proton/Wine Projects.


…developers using free version control looking a git horse in the mouth…
(Sorry, couldn’t resist)


lipu, you’re drunk. Go home. :wink:

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