Mechanical Keyboard case - Pinephone Gets a 3D Printed

PinePhone Gets 3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard | Hackaday


This is interesting. It’s a case with a stand and a keyboard. Micro-laptop?

The creators page has some more pics and renderings.


tbh I was a bit disappointed to figure the L5 won’t have pogo pins or similar extension bus. I have it on my jolla, and now on pinephone, so this step back is a tad sad. I understand security implication of i2s (and this keyboard uses exactly i2s - keyloggers are welcome) but hey, this is about control, my device so if I want to log (or inject) keystrokes - that’s my business.

You can do it that way. Freedom to tinker. But you could also take this and build something similar with USB or BT keyboard.


@ruff i think the L5 does offer pads under the back plate for i2c and usb? You would have to design and print a back plate that would provide some sort of pass through connector, but i definitely expect someone to design something once more L5s are in the wild

Well yes, it does, although it’s slightly different level of prototyping (testpads, unlikely to solder it myself). BUt I must confess I forgot about those (because I dismissed them as non-viable from the very beginning) hence I’d recall my sentence about step back.

No soldering needed; my thought is to use a pogo pin block IN the backplate to provide the pass through up from the pads to the exterior of the back plate. A redesigned back plate would then work almost identically to how the pogo pin block looks on a Pinephone, providing pogo pin sockets on the exterior of the back plate for you to mate additional electronics too. The tricky part would be designing the backplate to limit flex around the block so that the pins would stay mated to the pads properly. Would likely make the backplate stick out a bit more as well around the pin mount…