Memory on librem 11

Is the memory on the librem 11 expandable?
If yes, what is the type of memory?
How many slots are there?
On this page:
under the section ‘Fast memory galore’, it is written that the memory is up to 16 Gb.
But then on the table at the bottom of the page, it is written that the memory is onboard and that 8 Gb is a fixed amount.

The Librem 11 page is one I do wish the kind folks at Purism would update.

Around two months ago, they sent a status update email to those who pre-ordered, indicating that their main supplier had flip-flopped a bit on them, and so they had had to reorganize their efforts - the product of which would actually be the Librem 12! So indeed, the Librem 11 won’t actually exist, except for any users who may have decided to take a compromise and get an 11" tablet without killswitches and would have a Windows key on the keyboard instead of a Purism key.

Actually, that compromise version supposedly should have shipped by now. I wonder if any forum members accepted the compromise and already have it?

Otherwise, the Librem 12 will supposedly ship in December. So it would be nice to see the Librem 11 page become the Librem 12 page, and hopefully things are still on track.

Edit: perhaps now that the Librem 5 has hit 100% of it’s goal (!!!), the team can have some time to first, relax, and second, update the Librem 11 page.

Actually, there’s a forum post addressing some of the Librem 12 specs: