Messages being deleted

Unless I have it wrong my understanding is that I can set Librem Chat to erase messages after a certain time. I have three rooms set up and I have set them for messages to delete after three days. Trouble is it’s not deleting deleting the messages.

First up, have I got it right that this is possible?

If so can anybody suggest what I might be doing wrong, or not enabled something so that my messages delete after three days?

I am not actually aware of enabling disappearing messages in Matrix/Riot, though I haven’t really looked for it before. But in perusing my Librem Chat app, I didn’t see any settings for disappearing messages.

Where did you enable the 3 day deletion time?

I just accessed it from my main page > settings, and then a bit down the page under “other” is “keep media” which gives options of 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or forever.

Now it is entirely possible that I am misinterpreting what “keep media” means? I am far from an expert with these social media platforms :slight_smile:

Oh, my guess is media in this context means images, videos, and such. Not basic messages

Trouble is that it all stays. Pics and everything. Beats me.