Messed up network settings

I typically connect the L5 with cable to USB on L13 and L13 had an EthernetShared configuration. It always was working fine. I do not know what I did (I once enabled hotspot) and after that (maybe by accident) I can ssh from L13 to L5 but L5 does not have access to the internet. For example, I can not ssh from L5 to anywhere. I get “Network is unreachable” even when I use a server IP to ssh and do not rely on DNS.

Where can I see the correct settings for the Preferences of L5? The phone says “Cable connected” in Preferences→Network. When I click the gears next to cable connected, it shows:

IPv4, DNS (empty), Connect automatically ckecked, Make available to other users checked, IPv4 Method “Shared to other computers”, IPv6 “Shared to other computers”.

On the top bar next to 4G the network icon has a question mark.

So I can ssh in but can not ssh out.
What is wrong…?

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No one? OK, what if I remove the network profile of L5. Is this OK or I will make things worse?

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Back up the network profile first before trying out your idea.

I removed the “Wired connection 1”, created a new one with the default settings and all returned to normal.


Great, mark your answer as a solution.

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