Metatrader 5 for Librem 5

Hi there, is there a way to have metatrader 5 app although is for Windows only?
I use it for my job and I’d like to use it on my coming librem 5.
Thank you

Seems like they don’t provide a linux version
But they give a way to use it with wine :

Wine has two problems on the L5.
First, “Wine Is Not an Emulator”, and the L5 is not x86 but ARM. Second, the L5 uses Wayland instead of Xorg, not sure how well Wine works with that already.
Third (not a Wine problem), Windows applications typically don’t work well on mobile display form factors.

If an Android app exists, using that with Anbox would probably work much better.


I use wine to execute launcher like epic game store and play windows game on wayland session and it works pretty well.

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Are you sure it’s not using Xwayland?

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I’m pretty sure it uses Xwayland for regular software. Games don’t care about the graphics server.

and the L5 is not x86 but ARM

This was my first thought and the biggest issue you’ll have I think.
Luckily, they do list an Android app at

Another option would be if this were available for Windows ARM, but I don’t see an option for this.

Side note: Their website URL explicitly has “4” in it. The header on this page also says “Download MetaTrader 4”. But, the very first link on the page is to download version 5???

gosh…sorry… I completly neglected the question…

Fortunatly, Caliga came with a far better anwser !

So a test on Anbox will be required for the Android version of the app

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If so, a full Xorg is actually running.

That’s an… interesting statement. :wink:
Maybe you can write simple apps that only have DirectX bindings that Wine translates to OpenGL, but even then, it would only launch if all needed DLLs also only include DirectX calls and not a single function that is linked to a xorg library, e.g. keyboard handling. I’m pretty sure all main Wine DLLs link against xorg libraries.
And by the way, OpenGL libraries were so intertwined with Xorg, that Wayland was based on OpenGLES instead, to be able to get rid of the cruft :wink:
So, Wine using OpenGL means you link Xorg.


instead of just writing ‘bloat’ … :sweat_smile: no really - are they referring to the same thing ?

You know the subject better than I do. I thought that the pilot (proprietary nvidia one) performs these functions (OpenGL, Vulkan) directly via wayland.
Generally speaking for wine, a wayland driver came out 2 or 3 days ago, we’ll see what happens. But I think we are far from the initial subject!

But is that amd64 or aarch64?


I’m not a native speaker…
I use bloat to mean “this could have been implemented more efficiently” or “nobody ever asked for this”
and cruft to mean “well… this might have made sense back in the eighties… nobody uses it, but it’s still there for backwards compatibility”

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Not sure how Wine would play with aarch64

I know your goal was to run it an the Librem 5, but for those who come across this post searching for ways to get it running on the amd64 platform, please read on.

Metatrader4 is a 32-bit app and by default PureOS only support wine64 software. There are some hoops to jump through in order to get wine32 installed which are described in this post.


Sadly too complicated, not working (if you see the last post posted 3h ago) and I don’t want to install an entire Debian OS throw chroot only for a program! Easier to use it online throw website: Terminal
Thank you anyway!
In the meanwhile I’ll send to the company (Metaquote) an email asking them to implement their MetaTrader natively for Linux too!

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