Mic and camera icons dissapear

Hi all,
I’ve noticed that the mic. and camera icons dissapear when I activate the camera/mic. using the HKS.
In the near past these icons changed when switching the state from enabled to disabled or vice versa. Is this a bug?
I used them to check if they (mic/camera) where on or off. Checking the position of the HKS is not easy for me (bad sight).

Am I the only one having this issue?

I’ve had the L5 for a year and I remember the icons always disappearing when I used the HKS to turn on the camera and mic. But, maybe I’m wrong?


I think it’s a design decision to make UI looks “cleaner”. It’s also my preference as it is.

I don’t understand the problem. The icons show up (and always did) when the HKS is engaged, so mics and cameras are off. They are supposed to stay hidden (and always did) when mics and cameras are on. This is enough to tell you the state of the HKS without having to look at it.

Thanks for all the replying.

I could swear that those icons would stay visible, but obviously I’m mistaken. :flushed:

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