Microcode updates?

When the Librem 13 v2 ships with coreboot, will it have microcode updates turned on or off? Thanks!

As I understand it the factory-loaded ones would have the microcode updates pre-applied, though if some users want to re-flash their Librem with the CPU’s original microcode (at their own risk, as microcode updates typically fix bugs) they will be able to do so, as the script we will provide lets users choose whether to apply those updates or not.

Thanks! One other question–is the team still moving toward a libreboot computer eventually? IIRC, the creator of libreboot is against the use of microcode updates. So, if the eventual goal is to free all of the binary blobs from the BIOS and achieve a libreboot computer, will there still be the option of having the microcode updates?

what microcode is?
ps: 20 character rule is bad

There will always be the option—just like right now—to not have CPU microcode updates applied, by flashing it yourself, as the Librem coreboot installation script puts choices into the hands of the user. See the bottom of https://puri.sm/posts/todds-librem-13-with-coreboot-and-a-neutralized-me/ for example.

As to what microcode is, Google it @eagle :wink: