Mid August: Start of the Librem 5 Evergreen batch for customer pre-orders

I’m thinking that this delay will ultimately help Purism get the software/hardware bugs worked out and help a novice like me to get more of a daily driver.


Yep. Bummer with a silver lining.


Exactly what I am thinking, too. What’s a couple more months more waiting compared to more than two years waiting for the phone? Nothing much, really.
What’s a couple more months in app development/ software tweaking? Quite a lot :slight_smile:


This will result in my birthday present arriving at my next birthday one year after the one I actually got it for (2019-08-21) ^m^ ! That’s a pretty silly arrival time for a birthday present!

yeah but wouldn’t it be the best one you never had ?

The phone is really not usable as a daily driver as in it’s current state.

Indeed having a longer delay is very positive. The software is still full or bugs or just not available at all ( or you can say work in going on to improve experience ).

Battery is totally garbage ( in the Chestnut version ) and getting very hot, draining even when phone is powered off. And phone is always warm when the charger is connected even when powered off and battery looks charged.

:slight_smile: The longer you wait the better. You really want to wait before getting your version of the phone. Unless you want to say thank you to Purism for this business, I personally treated this as a donation to manage by expectations.

Overall I am happy that I Kicktarted this for the cause. Personal I will wait and see how things goes to buy another one when reports will show up on Evergreen or the version after that one.

I would need to buy another one since the Chestnut version is really a no go for a daily driver, maybe a hourly driver is a better case :smiley: .


Sure, what’s another extra couple of months, after an extra couple of months, after an extra couple of months - oh I guess it is close to a couple of years.

What ever. They are going to do what they are going to do. I am very close to canceling my order I placed in 2018. But I may as well wait to see what they are shipping when they get to my order before I decide to cancel. I only supported it as it was (at the time) the only linux phone, the rest is just bells and whistles.

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in your case and many other people, yes … but maybe there are governments/enterprises who can afford to bulk-buy the 2k$ L5-USA-edition AND need all the bells and whistles that are ONLY available on the Librem line of products …