Millipixel && QR-codes

If one points with the camera to a QR-code (like the one in the picture below to get WPA credentials for a public Wifi), millipixel (with a bit luck) shows a flickering rectangle around the QR and it’s a PITA to get the ASCII content into the cut&paste buffer, hitting again and again the blue lines.

Is there some trick to hit the flickering rectangle? Why millipixel not just put the content into the buffer?

the trick is you select it and it will open the browser pretty sure, i noticed in dark places (like most bars) you need to turn on the torch for it to have enough light to read the QR code, I think you dont select the line but the entire rectangle with touch

I think that might be dodgy from a security point of view unless done in response to some explicit user action. You don’t want the mere act of panning the camera across a scene that happens to include a QR code to take any action automatically.

Also, this shouldn’t go into the paste buffer at all.

What should happen is that the QR code is recognised as encoding one of the many possibly supported actions (in this case wifi:...), the application informs the user in readily-understandable terms what would happen if the user tells the phone to “process” the QR code, and the user confirms that the phone should go ahead and process the QR code - which in this case would result in the automatic creation of a WiFi-based network connection and then (presumably) the activation of that connection (association with the WiFi Access Point).

For the record that QR code reads as follows.

WIFI:S:Gastzugang Gasthof Trenner;T:WPA;P:p28p16m29j27;;

(I assume that this really is public WiFi so there’s no problem for me to dox their password but you already made their password public with your post anyway - and hopefully they change the password from time to time also.)


I expressed it wrong. When one finally manages to hit the blue flickering at the right place, a small dialog comes up showing the string from the QR code and with buttons to open it or to copy it (into the cut&paste). My question was: Why not just bring this dialog up, when to QR string is recognized by the cam?

The picture with the QR is in a small restaurant on any table so that the guests do no bother the service personal with this and afterwards use a wrong listened WPA key :slight_smile:

That’s probably right from a usability point of view. I guess the bias here was towards keeping the user in control i.e. things don’t “just happen”. I think that’s always a fine balance (with computers generally).

So the answer for me is always “config”. If you want to have to touch the blue square then configure it that way (user is in control). If you want the dialog box to come up automatically without having to touch the blue square whenever a QR code is recognised1 then configure it that way (easier to use, less interaction required from user).

1I am leaving it open whether “recognised” means “any validly decodable QR code” or “any validly decodable QR code that encodes a supported action” - because probably some users will want individual control over the supported actions e.g. support opening an http: or https: URL in the browser but e.g. not support the sending of an SMS / making of a phone call or e.g. support creating a WiFi connection on a case-by-case basis - and there will always be actions that can’t be supported because there is no code to handle the action.