MiMi speculation

Purism is busy creating more investment opportunities:

See also:

These listings have not been announced in any of the newsletters, and my intuition is drawing a blank as to what “MiMi” could be.

That was enough of a hint for me to sniff out a more confident answer:


My suspicion is that “MiMi” is a truncation of “Mimic”, which was Mycroft’s family of TTS engines, and the listings are white-labeled hardware configurations/revisions. However, it does not explain the $25 accrued monthly coupon, nor does it explain the “Mark-II+/MiMi 15,000”, which easily surpasses even the most expensive Librem Server v2 configuration. My best guess is that the $25 accured monthly coupon is some sort of subscription required to utilize these listings.


Read "Mycroft is winding down its operations" -- could Mycroft pass the torch? and there are other search results in this forum.


Also, from today’s missive,

New partnerships, new products, and even a new crowdfunding product is all in the works!

I don’t know what “new crowdfunding product” means but I thought that, after the delivery difficulties with the Librem 5, Purism said that they wouldn’t be doing new products by crowdfunding.


Purism has utilized crowdfunding to determine market demand; it is valuable to understand the demand before investing time and energy inventing new products. Purism has done crowdfunding for new products only, and not for new versions. They have also opted to forgo crowdfunding for some related products: the Librem 11 tablet; Librem Mini PC; Liberty Phone (with Made in USA Electronics); the upcoming Librem 16 laptop. Crowdfunding new products offers proof that there is market demand.


Well I look forward to being offered the option of crowdfunding a new product. :wink:


I got curious about what an “accrued coupon” meant, as it is directly tied to all of the “MiMi” listings, so I did some light research and that lead me to these resources:

Accrued interest Definition | Nasdaq

This potentially sheds some light towards the “Support MiMi” products as bond coupons, but then the issue becomes the naming of the other listings. It does not exactly make sense for a “Purism MiMi Dev Kit” to be representing a financial instrument, unless the bond coupons are used for crowdfunding purposes towards hardware products.

If it is a voice assistant focused product, I do really feel that a dock for the Librem 11, in addition to the stylus and keyboard would be the ideal form factor. Google nailed it with the Pixel Tablet. Just add in an option to max-charge to 80-85% so the battery has a chance at lasting. The degradation of a battery frequently charging at 100% is quite fast.

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