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Anyone ever install a different OS on a librem mini? Imlike mine but it needs to be rebuilt and debating options Thanks

Yes, several, including various Linux distributions and even Windows. Are you asking for assistance to choose which alternative OS to run on the Librem Mini?

I could use some help I was thinking another distro like mint or pop or something

Those are both very popular options. Mint is often considered the go-to distro for new users. System76 has also done great things for the Linux desktop community; I haven’t experimented with the new COSMIC desktop, however, so I don’t have much to say about it apart from how Jeremy Soller is a talented developer and it’s cool that it’s implemented in Rust.

If you have grown accustomed to PureOS and enjoy it (or don’t mind it or don’t want to go through another learning curve), I’d highly recommend Debian. Debian has been rapidly growing in popularity with the release of Debian 12; it is now easier to install for many people, is the backbone for so many derived distros, and is immensely customizable. PureOS is based on Debian.

People often analyze these things to death, but I wouldn’t stress too much about which desktop environment, window manager, etc, you choose. These have a large impact on your overall experience/customization but you can always experiment with different ones, and it (mostly) doesn’t matter which OS is running underneath the hood. Using Debian as an example, you can download an ISO image here with whatever desktop environment you’d like to take for a test drive before committing to writing one to disk.

In my opinion, The Linux Experiement and Chris Titus Tech frequently discuss various OSes and make reasonably objective arguments for or against different ones. In fact, Chris Titus recently published his tier list for Linux distros and desktop environments which may be worth your attention.

I hope this helps, and I’m happy to give more guidance if I know what your needs are or how you expect to use the system.

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I thank you for the help My main concern was drivers for the mini hardware. Debian be fine to use I like pureis and it works for me but my mini having some issues and need to rebuild so was weighing options before i reload pure or go another way

Thanks again

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You’re welcome! My opinion is that, whether or not it does, PureOS should work flawlessly with Purism hardware as it is what’s officially supported and that issues should be directed to or presented as a thread in the PureOS forum.

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The former only.

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