Minimal version or install of PureOS

I was wondering if there is a minimal version of PureOS?

At least a server minimalized version. Or the servers come with the default GNOME version?

Hi Purism Community,

Just reviving this topic again to see if anyone knows of any movement or road map toward a minimal server based distribution of PureOS to complement Purism’s server offering.

I’ve been running a Librem Server (L1UM-1X8C) in my test environment since June last year and have been suitably impressed with the hardware. I decided to go with the shipped PureOS on the bare metal and then libvirt/vert-manager to mange multiple virtual server instances. At this point I’m using Ubuntu LTS minimal server distribution to rapidly spin up new VPS instances. Not ideal from Libre/FOSS point of view.

It would be great if a minimal terminal based server distribution ISO be added to the gnome & gnome-oem monthly builds.

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