Minimize of applications

Good day all
Iis there software i can install in PureOS which will let me minimize applications like browsers and so on for the desktop.
I see Firefox dont have suck and option

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Try clicking with the right mouse button on the title bar of a window (or alternatively - on the keyboard for the active window).

You should get a menu for the window with various options including an option to minimize the window.

the general look of the window titlebars can be changed with the gnome-tweaks app.
There you can add the at least in my option missing buttons for minimize and maximize to all windows

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I did try it, its not there

I will give it a try

Did you try calling the window menu by keyboard with holding the -key and then pressing the bar, also? For this to work your Firefox window needs to be active.

To minimize a window by keyboard you could also hold the -key and then press .

Thanks so much gnome-tweaks work

I do have one last problem if someone can maybe please assist
I installed Barrier, when I share my screens, my mouse pointer is not picking up on Pureos, but the keyboard is working