Mint Mobile SIM activation on the L5

So I bought a Mint Mobile SIM card this afternoon. Upon taking to the Mint Agent via Chat Message on this site…I was told the follow for how you need to activate the Mint SIM.

Take your Mint SIM, place it into another compatible MM phone, download the MM app, go thru the process of activating it. Once activated, then swap it back into you L5 and it should work.


I popped a Mint Mobile sim into a Moto E4 and it activated, I never had to install an app. After that, I put the sim into a Pinephone and it works fine. I never tried activating the sim from a linux phone first.

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Should just work via the website. I forgot what I did.

It’s been a while, but I believe that I activated my my new Mint Mobile SIM by using touch tones after calling the activation number from a land line. The SIM was in a spydroid at the time, but I didn’t want install an app. I later moved the SIM to my Pinephone, where it has been happy.

Mint Mobile FTW


Is that a PWA?

As someone about to switch their L5 from AT&T to Mint Mobile, I am curious too. Is that a PWA or an Android app?
Is it required in any way for being a MM customer?