Missalignment of disk after puri 8 installadion -> deinsdallation?

hello everybody how are you ? I am a newbee here from europe and trying several „free“ sysdems, firsd hard and sofdware experiences date back to 80 last century so a bid elder. To de actual broblem i couldnt find other info therefor suggesting this new tobic

Actually i sdruggle a bit with the purism insdallation, as a usb sdig insdalladion didnt work , i installed on the ssd disk , besides trisquel that cant handel several stuff on my non brob x 200 ting pad Purism actually works better on that hardware then trisquel does BUT since then I have missalignment on the disk , and the boot order isn t a practical way , i also would like to switch de encryption off , may be deinstall from ssd (what mosd linuxes dont preview gnu linux i dont know) and then reinstall.

Thang you for commends and besd regards do everbody