Missing 3D files from GitLab

Yes, I expect that it will become available, date TBD. This part is actually broken on my personal L5 (my device has survived numerous dramatic drops, but the internal frame has grown tired), and Purism strives for user-serviceability and longevity through easily-replaceable parts (replacement battery shipments being a little more nuanced).


So, I did not do this. My intuition based on the shape was that the very small inward facing almost invisible tabs were more important and were losing material from friction. So I put some tape over them in the size of where they fit into the main L5, and now the backplate seems to attach reasonably tightly like how I want.

As a result it seems pretty perfect now. Haven’t encountered much in the way of signal issue (RF transparency), it’s easier to remove than the standard plastic backplate because it is less tightly connected, and hopefully it’s stronger.

Holding nylon with the slight feel of softness instead of hard plastic is maybe elegant feeling in a certain way. Seems like maybe a fun style. Definitely makes it unique. If it starts to tear apart like the standard plastic backplates, I’ll be sure to post here.

Edit: Sent from mobile while using the 3D printed backplate.


Update: We received the supplier’s response for the original plastic L5 rear cover today and it sounds like they are charging a shockingly high price per unit. Unless there is significant interest for a group buy (200+) and folks are willing to pay $15/ea + shipping, we will likely reject the quote and search for an alternative supplier offering relatively low MOQs.