Missing 3D files from GitLab

The plastic on the back of the L5 is pretty weak, is there a 3D file available that someone has? I don’t see it on Files · master · Librem5 / 3D_designs · GitLab unfortunately. I also don’t see the door for the modem/network card door (which also has plastic that gets damaged somewhat easily).

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Yes, 3D CAD files exist, and some of the many efforts I have on my radar are to:

  1. receive approval to publish all mechanical design files
  2. organize and publish all L5-related repositories and resources onto GitLab
  3. investigate OSHWA-certification to officially classify the L5 as OSHW


This is amazing news, this would definitely help with our hardware repair when L5/Liberty phone get phased out for newer/different models.

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Seems to be up as STEP files, cool :slight_smile:

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Hey, using the STEP files linked in this thread I went to order a metal replacement back for my librem 5 from some fabricator online, and they didn’t want to do it and said that the tolerances required to create the STEP file as given were most likely too fine for the end result to be useful based on what I was asking them to do.

I went and looked at the part they were concerned about and it does not physically match the backs that my Librem 5’s actually came with. There is a finely shaped hole in the part in the STEP files whereas the real backs from my real Librem 5’s are simpler and more solid.

Is there a STEP file that more closely matches the physical backs that ship with the Librem 5’s? I’ll attach a picture.


I used MakeXYZ and will get my parts in the mail next week. I used their SLS Nylon option, so hopefully it turns out well… What service did you use?

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I was extremely intellectually lazy and asked chat gpt what services were good for solving the problem. This is not an endorsement of ChatGPT; I know there are multiple articles online that describe how it was created by paying Kenyans between $1.32 and $2.0 to read sexually abusive material and click “Yes” or “No” based on how abuse it was, essentially suggesting that ChatGPT was literally created by abusing people in third world countries.

But somehow that’s all too easy for me to forget sometimes, and so I happened to use ChatGPT. However unfortunately, that is what I did.

It suggested something called Xometry which looked like a fairly legit looking site, but I guess I’ll find out. Their human who contacted me that making this thing with metal was not so good of an idea suggested either SLS or HP MJF, but after some back and forth I told them to try HP MJF. I made it clear that it’ll be on me if it doesn’t have correct dimensions and doesn’t work. But either way, the guy said that SLS would have the same or similar issues, where the 3D printing tolerances are not as fine as what is in this STEP file from purism, because the file was probably created for the purposes of a mold.

[Edit: The interaction left me wanting to download some CAD software and make my own much simpler and less elegant STEP file of the back plate that could possibly be made of metal because I still think a metal-back phone would be cool. But when I looked at freecad on my Librem 14 briefly thus far I didn’t immediately figure out the interface, so I didn’t do that yet.]


Maybe Shapeways has a metal 3D print you can use?

Note: Yes, they can, but it would cost $311 for the backplate

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Pricing was very similar for Xometry, but the main challenge for me when ignoring the money side was their human thinking that the parts would most likely not resolve well in the 3D printing, and that the resultant part would be even more warped if 3D printed with metal because the metal 3D prints go in an oven after being created, to finalize them, and some stuff like that.