Missing familiar ubuntu fonts set. / PureOS Desktop

Hi, the following is related to this OS :
OS: PureOS x86_64
Host: GB-BSi3-6100 1.x
Kernel: 5.10.0-10-amd64
Packages: 2160 (dpkg), 6 (snap)
Shell: bash 5.1.4
Resolution: 1920x1080
DE: Plasma 5.20.5
WM: KWin
WM Theme: plastik

It seems the Ubuntu font I depend a lot upon is not part of the regular “system fonts” (or other font sets)
Did I use a limited edition or is PureOS limiting to certain fonts on purpose ?
I’m looking for to install the “Ubuntu type of font” to use in libreoffice CALC .

While using the “System Add on Font installer” I still cant find it.
An error warning states :
Loading providers from file: https://distribute.kde.org/khotnewstuff/fonts-providers.xml failed !

Beside I have cleaned up 46 duplicated sets of fonts (still not including missing Ubuntu fonts)

Any idea how to get this ubuntu set installed next,

To me it looks like the ubuntu font set is considered non-free (at least in Debian). This would explain why it isn’t available in PureOS which is based on Debian excluding all non-free stuff.

The package is available from Debian (the non-free repositories) and Ubuntu, here you have the package built for Bullseye (which I believe is the closest to PureOS 10 Byzantium): http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/non-free/f/fonts-ubuntu/fonts-ubuntu_0.83-4_all.deb

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thanks gusman, being available on other Distro I used, I’d never check myself it is indeed freely available on other linux plateforms. Thanks for the link indeed.
nice weekend 2u

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These Ubuntu ones are free for both commercial and personal use !

5 ubuntu fonts now dwld, installed and working from the previous link mentioned.
**Now looking for to remove most of the 165 noto Fonts style that were installed during system instalation (!!!) browsing throuh 165 variants of the Noto font in all languages is, 1) time consuming…2) a bit useless

We are witnessng that PureOS does not seems work correctly without one adding or keeping the Google “Noto Sans” font.
Cpu process will raise up to 100% without this font installed. Once “Noto Sans” is being re/installed, Cpus falls back to normal…
We wonder why a linux distro cannot not work with a user favorite fonts as long as the distro can use it as an equivalence…

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