Missing letter 'k' via squeekboard in Signal desktop flatpak on Wayland

I’m using the Signal desktop flatpak on my Librem 5. I use Signal desktop with Wayland. It works quite well, but there is one very annoying issue:

The lower case letter ‘k’ is not entered in Signal when pressed on the squeekboard.

It is important to notice that this issue only happens when Signal desktop uses Wayland. To do this I set via Flatseal: SIGNAL_USE_WAYLAND=1, and I disallowed X11 windowing system (socket=x11).

I’m reluctant to report this as an error on the GitLab for squeekboard because the version of squeekboard on the Librem 5 is quite old:

# apt info squeekboard
Package: squeekboard
Version: 1.22.0-1pureos2~byz1

(the most recent released squeekboard version is: v.1.38.0)

I’m pretty sure that this issue is related to Signal desktop being an Electron application. See also this issue: Make sure Electron applications receive correct input (#244) · Issues · World / Phosh / squeekboard · GitLab

What would be the best way forward?

  • Report this issue at sqeekboard, even though I’m using an old version?
  • Report this issue at Purism support?
  • Do any of you have a patch or suggestion to fix this?

Signal desktop is the most used app on my Librem 5 that I use as a daily phone. And not being able to type a ‘k’ is quite annoying :slight_smile:

Edit: I just rediscovered this issue: Some characters not typed when using Squeekboard OSK (#11) · Issues · undef / signal-desktop-builder · GitLab

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Try byzantium-updates-proposed:

Otherwise, I can provide instructions for reflashing to Crimson.

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I can suggest also changing the on screen keyboard to another one. That has resolved a few issues in Signal in addition to the key not being recognized.

You can follow the instructions in this Purism blog post: Opportunistic Word Completion – Purism

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