Missing Librem Vault

Hi all,

I recently received my L14 laptop and I must say, it’s an excellent piece of hardware. Besides the initial hiccups with the ACPI firmware and a couple of other issues, Qubes has been running great on this machine.

I received my Librem Key a week before the laptop, separately. However, I didn’t receive a Librem Vault yet. From what I understand, I wouldn’t be able to perform a factory reset PureBoot without it, is that correct? The FAQs also say:

It is a plain USB flash drive, gold coloured, with Librem Vault label on it, that is used to store your Librem Key’s public GPG key (textual file with .asc extension).

I have sent an email to Purism regarding that, and hopefully they’d send one soon, but how would they store the public key now, since I have changed the keys on my Librem Key? If they can’t, would I be able to just write the public keys to the Vault myself?