Missing Print-Button - help appreciated

My renewed Librem13 v3 (german keyboard) is missing the print button (physically it’s available together with insert (Einfg)), but it’s not reacting in any way once pressed (to be recognized eg. when taking screenshots with the print button.

Linux is not my main domain. Can anybody of you point me in a direction how to make it usable? Thanks in advance.

Pure OS comes with Gnome 3 as the default Desktop Environment. Gnome 3 has also a Screenshot functionality. The screenshots will be saved in your the folder /home/[YOUR USERNAME]/ or in /home/[YOUR USERNAME]/Pictures/ .
Here is more information: https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/screen-shot-record.html.en

I assume, that you think it did not work, because the picture is not saved in your clipboard.

First i realized the lack of the typical sound played when taking a screenshot. In the end i tried to reassign the screenshot-shortcuts to find out, that my keyboard doesn’t seem to react to the print-screen-button.

Hell - while writing this, i realized, i forgot to use the Fn-key together with print. Righdio - there we go. Fn is necessary to activate the secondary functionality of the key. I assume, not having used my librem while waiting for the screen’s hinge to be repaired, i forgot how to use the keyboard.

But thanks a lot for your suggestion/help.


Haha, kein Ding

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