Missing Pure Browser

check the website verion from February 2019 https://archive.org/details/pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20190210-amd64 it says: “PureOS helps you surf the web safely, without being tracked by advertisers or marketers” , I said above it cannot be done and I am dissapointed that today after 1 year it has not improved.

First screenshot is PureOS and PureBrowser todays version installed on a public cloud.
PureOS current version with PureBrowser still in it pureos-9.0-gnome-live_20200126-amd64.hybrid.iso

(Screenshot Removed)

Second Screenshot is Regular Firefox without add OS is another Linux) Linux Mint 19.3
but probably if I install Firefox on PureOS might block the same content.

(Screenshot Removed)

I am not claiming at all Linux Mint is better (it just happened my test PC is using it now) or Firefox is better.
ALL I am saying is with one simple site testing I can see that PureOS is worse in add blocking.

I am at the airports and don’t have another PC with Fedora to test this on, but
If I test this in Fedora Workstation 31 with SELinux it might block 5-10 more add trackers.

PureOS promises privacy and the add tracking is worse the anywhere else so …

Regards, Alex

PureOS should never have promised surf the web safely, without being tracked by advertisers or marketers, when it was impossible tasks to do. I feel better using Fedora and very disappointed by PureOS in general. check the website verion from February 2019 https://archive.org/details/pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20190210-amd64 it says: “PureOS helps you surf the web safely, without being tracked by advertisers or marketers” , I said above it cannot be done and I am dissapointed that today after 1 year it has not improved. They should have retracted that or say We can try to do as much as possible, they never did just removed that from the website and forgot it, I did not forgot it since I only open PureOS cause of it and invested in the project.

I respect what Purism is doing like I said above and I hope more FOSS products exits, but for now I see no real advantage of using PureOS over any other Linux, why should I recommend PureOS+Purism to anyone who wants to join Linux. Sadly I will not be getting any new products because promises are not kept by librem.
I really hope PureOS will improve over time but for now after one year I don’t see improvement over other OSs.

We can discuss this as much as you like but I believe that PureOS is not safer then any other Linux for now.

Regards, Alex

Ublock origin, one of the best adblockers around is literally there in the PureOS Screenshot?

EDIT: and HTTPS everywhere

The other modifications they make I believe are in the about Configs, so you don’t see them but for example I imagine they have WebRTC Leak protection turned on, stock FireFox does not.

You’re really misunderstanding what was said man. Nothing is 100% untraceable or trackable and I really don’t think Purism where trying to claim that. See previous comments from @2disbetter .

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You quoted the very thing you are missing. :wink:

Help does not mean something is promised, mandated, or enforced.

What you are claiming Purism did, is in fact, not something they did.

No court in the world would agree to your premise.

Because, help does not mean what you are implying it does.

And please don’t take this personal. As someone who speaks another language myself, I know just how difficult it can be. I fully respect anyone who knows even just one language really well, let alone 2 or more!


both were disabled when I started the browser, if they got the ads it would have had 1 icon notification.
Stock version of Firefox did a better job on an average Linux like Linux Mint,
that could be changed in newer version who knows but I tested the version today that is what I got.

who cares about it or certificaes I am saying I personally and I know about 10 other people from my company disappointed by the promise of privacy, with a simple test any other os did a better job of privacy protection.

I believe I cannot convince you, you are welcome to believe what you want, but before this discussion and the new test I did, I would have recommended PureOS or Purism among other linuxes, After the recent test and this discussion I see that I would be better of not to recommend PureOS os Librem to anyone fi they ask.

I am not claiming Fedora is better but OS the PureOS, but it is my choice to use it over PureOS even on phone. The claim that Fedora is not FOSS is very wrong you are welcome to check your sources.

I respect what Purism is doing like I said above and I hope more FOSS products exits, I really hope PureOS will improve over time but for now after one year I don’t see improvement over other OSs.
Airplane Mode on so you are welcome to add additional comments not sure when I can read or rreply.

Regards, Alex

What you had to click the ‘On’ button ? That’s how those extensions work isn’t it ? When I install them myself I’m pretty sure they come turned off. It’s two buttons man.

At your Company does everyone have something other than English as their first language ? I’m starting to think this might be a language barrier.

@2disbetter was 100% correct, help does not indicate a promise. I’m not sure if something is lost in translation maybe @anon70040690 ?

Worse experience ever here sadly, I was never in my life offended for not being a non native English speaker.
I was typing fast while boarding a plane and carrying my laggage, and the browser might have autocorrected.
Thank you for offending me for not being a native English speaker and yes a lot of people at my company are all non native English speakers. It would be best for me to quit this forum and Purism to avoid confusion.

All of you can believe what you want just don’t say Fedora is not FOSS its really not true and offensive.
All the best to all here and to PureOS and Purism, from a non native English speaker.
Best Regards.


Please slow down! No one is trying to offend you, at least I know I am not.

I added a small edit to my previous response, that indicates as much.

But listen understanding is crucial and there is no shame in misunderstanding something. Many people do not know just how difficult it is to know more than one language. I do. It is a serious accomplishment and I only have respect for you!

I personally hope you do not take offense, and continue to contribute here!

As someone who has tried and failed, multiple times to learn a second language I greatly admire those with the ability to speak a second language.

This was not designed to be and insult, it was merely an observation. The word ‘help’ is crucial in the statement and I genuinely think the misunderstanding you seem to be having may come from the fact English isn’t your first language, this was not an insult.

Please do not take it as such.

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I never claimed fedora wasn’t foss, I asked if it can be said that it was. I don’t use fedora (or pop-os) so I don’t know.

You’re well within your rights to not use or even to dislike pureos, but your claims about not fulfilling a promise seem to be rooted in an expectation that is itself based on assumption. This often occurs as a result of misunderstanding. We’re just trying to gain clarification, any remarks about English not being your native language are an effort to find the root of that misunderstanding, not meant as an insult.


I’ve never used Pop!_OS but I note that it comes as a choice between two downloads - one without the nVidia drivers and one with. So I suppose that is a recognition of the desirability of being libre, and the problems with it.

IF you read my entire sentence you will see that I talk about FOSS OS and I say “PopOS is probably not)” the brackets ends and I talk about Fedora, the entire sentence after the brackets is about Fedora, the Nvidia drivers cannot be installed by default in Fedora you need to first enable additional repo unlike other LinuxOS.
I am non native English speaker so wanted to explain this in my language after a bracket ends so the point of the sentence and another idea continues, maybe in English it is the same maybe not not sure.

2disbetter Siddy2408 Gavaudan ok I did not have time to read all comments but to the idea I will stay on as reader and avoid being active in discussions since my non native language barrier might be a problem.
I only mentioned the sentence (quoted above) and noticed it since it was removed from the site today.
We can debate that issue but its pointless I delete pureos from my phone and my game rig, have not used it in months so I will avoid talking about PureOS since I don’t really use it any more and I am not up to date with it.
Fedora has been and will be my main and core OS, my second gaming home OS I mostly distro hop so I maybe one day I will return to PureOS and will use it everyday, but that is not this today or this year.

But I would value if in return people to avoid stuff they don’t know about like other OS in Linux.
someone said “Fedora is likely 99% FLOSS however it will more than likely not the entirely FLOSS”, Fedora unlike other Linux will not let you install a driver or steam or vlc or even mp3 without enabling extra repo, most linux distro’s I know have VLC and steam in repository or already installed, Fedora even has a custom kernel system and is not using the mainline Linux kernel so avoid using non foss software, like certain drivers.

I only mentioned this since I am part of many Linux communities and in the past 10 years the main problem in Linux in the communities is “attacking” each other, one community attacking another community this distro is bad, we are better because (Speaking in general not for a specific Community). It is good that Linux has so many communities people can choose from but it doesn’t help when we talk about other OS we know nothing about Like for example People saying Fedora is not FOSS or will not be in the future, I know it is since I use it daily for 10 years and that part is constant and I have contributed to Fedora and will continue to do so.
With Many Linux users sadly having closed mind set to other distro’s projects like systemd and flatpaks, snaps and appimages and all the ideas about trying to unify Linux will be met with resitance and the people who will start that mostly out of passion will quit the idea or project cause they are creators not politicians (I am speaking from personal experience about many projects of mine that were killed of before they even start) I am especially sad about my idea for a local AI assistant and was never accepted cause non of the linux communities read the details they called it a spy tool and quit it, even if the AI was working OFFLINE :slight_smile: I still use the app but this is one example of a great project that I spend over 1 year of developing and no one knows about it or will use it and I personally removed the code cause I was sick and tired of the “spy” comments.
I have similar sad stories where I co authored indexing apps gaming hub apps etc, same faith, authors quit hobby projects since they got tired of people not valuing their free work and free contribution to FOSS.

I have said this in many forums even quit few (like certain arch based linux distro) for constant attacks to other distro’s and unrealistic glorification to a god like status to their own distro, it helps the distro but hurts linux.

**My weekends starts today and after that I have a r&D sea travel for a week maybe more, so not sure when I will be able to read or reply to any future posts, but I would respect what PureOS is doing and will avoid commenting since I don’t use it any more and I am not up to date on it, I expect same in return for Fedora
(since I assume most people who comment about fedora have not used in a while or ever and have second hand knowledge by reading what someone posted on some forum or online article) the main reason I avoid non STEM forum in general since it is not exact science and both sides can be right in unending discussion.

Edit: if you don’t like something if Fedora say it in Fedora Forum, for example I don’t like something about pueis say it at forum for PureOS

All the best to all here, I hope this community grows I like hope same for all other Linux Communities.
Best Regards.

Thanks for sticking around! I’ve always been intrigued by Fedora. It was the Ubuntu before Canonical seemed to really take off. In terms of bleeding edge Fedora has always seemed one of the few at the forefront. I’m going to get around to trying it one of these days.

I’e been pretty happy with Elementary OS myself.

There was nothing wrong with your sentence but my point was not to agree or disagree with what you wrote but to provide additional info.

Fedora approach: can’t install by default, unless you add a repo

Pop!_OS approach: choose between two downloads, one with, one without

Both distros are recognising that the proprietary nVidia drivers are a problem and reduce the FOSSness, but they take different approaches in dealing with it.

My game rig was system 76 came with what it came PopOS, don’t care cause I have zero private data photos or work stuff on it if I have a an issue reinstallz when it comes to my work PC I care a lot of it is FOSS or not, also if it’s Adobe app even
If it is FOSS I might not use it, same with Microsoft but I changed my mind becau of Atom for now I trust them but only for atom and GitHub, I would not install vc code and it’s FOSS.
First and again I was talking about Fedora
I don’t agree about calling it a problem, I have a system just for work and codes that by my CHOICE has only FOSS cause I like it that way, many years ago Fedora discussed and decided all non FOSS to not be installed or be able to install it IF you don’t add extra Repo.
They call it choice and giving people options not a problem, you are welcome to give any suggestions about Fedora in a Fedora forum.

I personally use Fedora OS with only FOSS no extra nom free repos and have no problems with it, less problems then my mom FOS gaming rig.

Regards, Alex

Yeah I agree Elementary is cool have used Loki on my game rig, my girlfriend moved from Mac to Linux elementary was her choice back then and have used it for few years.
Fedora can be bleeding edge and not.
Fedora by default comes with only FOSS repos you can add Nvidia steam non free etc. Also you can add beta updates and if current is 31 you can use if you like 32 beta or alpha 33 Calle rawhive, no need to reinstall just change repo.
If you like Fedora LTS that is CentOS (preferred by business like Ubuntu LTS). My company has red hat licence but I prefer Fedora even over CentOS.
They have something called a Fedora counsel where contribution mmeers are selected to be a communication bridge between developers and the community. All major decisions have to be approved by the fedora counsel is it a perfect system no, but better then what some distos do, we decide to use this non free software bacuse… So users can complain after it is done and quit or accpwt the change and live with it. Fedora is really a sort of a community that listens to it’s users and has experience on dealing with a large community for over 10 years. Fedora really disappoves of attacked agians other Linux OS and if you complain about other distro they will tell you go talk at their forum and you can get suspended. Fedora is not perfect but is is evolving and changing with time they respect other Linux communities and support FOSS they supported and as far as I know still do opensoruce dot com.

For me a decision factor Fedora over Debian was science adoption of Fedora CentOS Scientific Linux and very detailed documentarion in Fedora in 2010 it was staring in data science and needed alll the documents I can use. Apt in Debian was Superior to yum in Fedora ( not the case with DNF and the new YUM), yum back then was unable to resolve dependancies you needed to find the missing dependancies alone. Now that is not the case. Fedora after 10 years use for work I will probably stay around and use it, my game of is still distro hopping from Ubutnu to Linux Mint to Gentoo to Use to elementary mx linux Arco to Arco to Manjaro to PureOS now to PopOS. I was only more into PureOS cause of the librem5, but but after new year found a better option then Librem and PinePhone, custom build phone ( did same with router firewall and NAS) but software for the phone still a question markz currently using TrueOS bad based works ok for what I need when I have time over the supper will check out new phones and new software might even end up using PureOS, don’t know now.

Just quoting myself.

I’m running PureOS amber (which is a stable release) and I still have PureBrowser on it. It did not disappear and I expect it to be there, dutifully patched for any security vulnerabilities (should they be discovered) until next stable release some time in the future.
I got plenty of warnings that it is going to disappear:

  • An announcement on Purism website
  • An announcement via mailing list
  • And a general whining in this thread :wink:

I also expect to get another warning in the future, in the form of release notes for next PureOS stable release.

Please understand, if you are running a rolling release, you should expect a spanish inquisition.


yes but you are free to choose if you want to accept the “spanish-inquisition” or not …