MMS with SYMA as carrier

My carrier is syma; calls, SMS (with Chats) and internet work fine, but I can’t get or send MMS.

Syma advices me to use the settings below, but I’m confused…


My guess is:

  • in Settings/Mobile/Access Point Names: Name: “syma”; APN: “”; Username and Password: both blank;
  • in Chats/Preferences/SMS and MMS Settings: Phone…: my phone number; MMSC: “”; APN: “”; Proxy: “”.

Any idea on what is wrong?

The values must be configured in the file ~/.mms/modemmanager/mms.

I’m really sorry, but I need a more detailed procedure. I don’t even find the file you’re talking about! :confused:

What does

find ~ -name mms


Sorry to reply that late… :s


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Hi Germain,

For your original post, your suggestion looks good to me. Just one thing to point out, you do need to manually turn on Mobile Data in Settings/Mobile, it’s not done automatically for to send/retrieve MMS.

One thing that has broken MMS for me in the past was my provider seemed to switch to IP6, which I think is not supported by the software.

You could try running this command to check you get IPv4 configuration?
journalctl -b 0 | grep modem-broadband

(It goes through all the log messages since you booted the phone, and outputs those matching the string “modem-broadband”).

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WAIT - I just noticed in your original message you have:

in Chats/Preferences/SMS and MMS Settings … Proxy: “”

Shouldn’t that be
Proxy: “”

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