Mobian+phosh sound theme incoming call problem (solved)

I have a question:
been playing with my phone (mobian+phosh) but i can’t seem to change the ringtone.

I’ve read multiple tutorials and what i did was:
I’ve made a .local/share/sounds and put a phone-incoming-call.ogg in there, just like the alarm one (which works and plays the custom).
I’ve checked the source of the calls app and that seems to also mention phone-incoming-call as an event?

what am i doing wrong?

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I have exactly the same problem on my Oneplus 6 with PostmarketOS / Phosh. I also have no ringtone, even the one proposed by default.

I tried the manipulation described here, without success. If someone can help, it would be a pleasure.

thanks for the post, i looked at that article again.

  1. i also tried to add the .local/share/sounds/stereo. that did not work
  2. i checked out the feedback profiles, that was full and had the right names in it.
  3. i tried setting the theme-name back and forth nope
  4. rebooted nope…
    now what i did was i checked the original incoming call and its a ringing sound. but when i’m called my phone makes a pop-pop/tik tik ish sound? so it plays something but neither from the freedesktop or from my custom. it seems to select the wrong sound? testing with “fbcli -t -1 -E phone-incoming-call” also gives the pop-pop/tik tik sound

the source ( shows

self->ringing_event = lfb_event_new ("phone-incoming-call");

i’m kind of baffeled…

Here is from my own readme file:

35 Own ringtone

   I like the ringtone of these old american phones with a rotary dial plate
   and found one here as MP3
   and in action here:

   I fetched the MP3 converted it to .oga, cut 8 seconds from the start and
   from there 50 secs with:

   ffmpeg -i bell-500-phone.mp3 -c:a libvorbis -q:a 4 temp.oga
   ffmpeg -ss 00:00:8.000 -i temp.oga -t 50 -c copy bell-500-phone.oga
   The installation as own rington is explained here:

   I did only:

   cp -pr /usr/share/sounds/librem5 ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound
   cp bell-500-phone.oga ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound/stereo/phone-incoming-call.oga
   ls -l ~/.local/share/sounds
   total 8
   drwx------ 2 purism purism 4096 Feb 14  2022 __custom
   drwxr-xr-x 3 purism purism 4096 Sep 11  2021 mysound

   gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.sound theme-name

   gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.sound theme-name mysound
   gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.sound theme-name

   As said, bell-500-phone.oga has a duration of 50 secs and maybe its
   better to cut from this only *one* ring and *one* pause after with
   something like:

   from Loki in

   sox bell-500-phone.ogg bell-500-single-ring.ogg silence 1 0.1 0.5% 1 0.1 0.5%

   and put this one into place as

   The vibration can be switched off by modifying the file a local
   copy of the defaul.json file:

   mkdir -p ~/.config/feedbackd/themes
   cp -p /usr/share/feedbackd/themes/default.json ~/.config/feedbackd/themes

   modify in the local file default.json the 10000 to 0
   in this section (line 134):

      "event-name" : "phone-incoming-call",
      "type"       : "VibraPeriodic",
      "duration"   : 10000

   SIGHUP the feedbackd:

   ps ax | grep feed
   1458 ?        Sl     0:48 /usr/libexec/feedbackd
   sudo kill -HUP 1458

   see also:


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i’ll try the covert and see if that helps, i had files in de .ogg format (which works for alarms for some reason)

lol that worked, do NOT use .ogg use .oga

i placed it in both (my theme is __custom):


not sure if i need both i’ll test that some other day

so use the ffmpeq mentioned in guru’s post:

ffmpeg -i your_file.mp3 -c:a libvorbis -q:a 4 phone-incoming-call.oga

i just converted straight to the proper file because i did not need any cutting

why the alarm works with .ogg no idea

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