MOC (Music on Command)

I’m not sure whether to place this question in the “PureOS” or “Librem 5” categories here in the forum so have posted it under PureOS:

The other day I was waiting in a waiting room for an appointment. So, I plugged my earphones into my Librem 5 to listen to some of the music I have on my phone while waiting. I currently use Celluloid to listen to music on my Librem 5, but while listening on music the other day, I thought it would be great to use MOC (Music on Command) to listen to music directly from the terminal on the Librem 5 as I do my laptop which runs another linux distro. So, when I got home I looked for MOC in the PureOS store on my Librem 5, but I couldn’t find it.

So, two questions -

  1. Is MOC in the PureOS Store under another name (I know some distros change names for some software)?

  2. If the answer to 1 above is No, is there another terminal based music player in the repos?

Dunno about the PureOS store but the command line utilities usually are more reliable:

$ apt-cache search moc | grep ^moc
moc - ncurses based console audio player
mocassin - MOnte CArlo SimulationS of Ionised Nebulae
mocassin-benchmarks - benchmarks for the photoionisation code MOCASSIN
mocassin-data - atomic and optical data for the photoionisation code MOCASSIN
mocassin-examples - Examples for the photoionisation code MOCASSIN
moc-ffmpeg-plugin - ncurses based console audio player - ffmpeg plugin
mocha - simple, flexible, fun test framework - Node.js module
mockery - mock code autogenerator for Golang
mockgen - mocking framework for the Go programming language - mockgen
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I recommend cmus. Here’s a tutorial.

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