Modality behavior of Thunderbird/Enigmail

I am finally frustrated with modality on Thunderbird/Enigmail. Maybe someone can tell me how to turn this behavior off. “Attach Modal Dialog” in gnome-tweaks is ‘off,’ but this has no effect on my problem.

If I send an e-mail to someone that requires encryption or a signature, I get the Enigmail dialog box that asks for the passphrase, which is correct. Unfortunately, it not only locks Thunderbird, it seems to lock the entire Gnome desktop. If KeePassXC has timed-out, I cannot retrieve the appropriate passphrase in it. I have to ‘Cancel’ and try to send again after I get the information for which it is asking.

I would fine with the application being modal, but not the whole desktop. This is not a show-stopper but it is annoying.

I have all PureOS updates through today, Oct. 16, and I am using gnome 3.22+11. (Other gnome apps are 3.28 and 3.30. gnome-tweaks is 3.30.) Thunderbird is 52.9 and Enigmail is 2.0.8.


Are you still seeing this behavior Wayne?

Sorry, I did not notice your question until this morning. I guess I should actually login more frequently. Thank you for asking.

Yes, Thunderbird/Enigmail still behaves this way. Unfortunately, I also gave up on seeing Thunderbird updated in the PureOS green respository. It took Buster a while to get to version 60, but it has been in PureOS main since the beginning of November. Green is still at 52. Consequently, I am using an untarred version of Thunderbird from Mozilla, and I am not sure it is still appropriate to ask here.

I am guessing this problem is caused by Enigmail’s interaction with Gnome but I have not spent anytime debugging it. It is a minor annoyance.

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That’s why I turned enigmail off. It’s not like I have any secrets to keep.

(Although the woods are lovely dark and deep…)

The persistent key questions were annoying. I’m just satisifed the librem one doesn’t keep anything after 30 days. (I’m more interested in the right to be forgotten.)