Modem change constanly

The Librem 5 USA allow me to change the modem of region of North American to Asia as T1 as continuously.

Yes, but …

  • There’s no difference between the Librem 5 and the Librem 5 USA Edition in that regard. The “USA” refers to where it is manufactured, not where it can be used. The same three modem variants (-A1, -E1, -T1) can be used in either phone edition.
  • Experience seems to suggest that changing the modem “continuously” is not a good idea. Mechanically, it’s just not designed for that. Specifically, the antenna connectors are just not designed for that.

In my opinion for this need, you really want a future “global” modem i.e. one modem variant that does all the 4G bands needed in any country in the world. So there would not be a need to change the modem simply because one visits a country in a different region of the world (America v. Europe v. Asia).