Modem for phone AU NZ South America


The proposed 7100A or E modems for the dev-kit are ok for USA and EU, but not for the rest of the world.

I have ordered the dev-kit and I live in Australia. These are our LTE frequencies:

It looks like these modems would be suitable for Australia, New Zealand and South America, though only the 7500 states 3G support:




I do very much hope that these bands will be offered in the final phone. There must be lots of backers, or potential backers, from these countries. I am with Telstra, and for me, the LTE B3 (1800MHz) and B28 (700MHz) bands are the most important.


I don’t know anything about the choices on the market, the Purism hardware guys would know a lot more. Just doing a quick google, there are modems that are advertised as “global”, covering the frequencies in most countries. For example, Sierra Wireless:


I am also Australian, and would like to ensure that the modem works here. The SIM7100E (European model) would come very close, but it looks like it would not support Vodaphone. 3G and 4G are both important - 4G is faster, but 3G covers more area in this huge country, but we no longer have 2G.

It would also be good to consider a global modem for users who travel overseas alot, and would like to use their librem 5 everwhere.


I wonder if the Purism Librem 5 hardware developers monitor this forum? Perhaps I should have posted to the developer mail list?

As I have ordered the dev-kit, I can test an alternative “global” modem, with Aussie frequencies. I am an electronic engineer, retired, with considerable experience with embedded systems design, mostly coding in assembly language. Don’t know much in the communications area though, but would be interested in tackling any issues with getting an alternative modem working.

I would also be prepared to pay a bit more for a phone with suitable modem, as a “global” modem might be more expensive than the 7100 modems.


At least part of the team is quite active here. If i’m not mistaken @nicole.faerber is involved in hardware decisions like the modem and quite active in the forum.
For more direct contact you could try the developer matrix room. Contact and contribution advise can be found in the documentation .