Modem issue survey

It seems like there is a preponderance of modem issues occurring, at least that’s what I am perceiving here in the forum.

Would it be useful to support if we started tracking the issues in here? State your issue, where in the world you are and who your carrier is? Does this make sense?

Issue: modem does no register or only registers in certain areas in the network, limited or no functionality at all.
Location: Canada
Carrier: Tbaytel/Rogers

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No, email Purism Support.

That is a newer recognized issues performed for carrier side, it is not Librem 5 side issue nor System. To fully fix this issue is maybe change ADSPs or change the Modem module for a compatible with ur carrier or change of carrier to get better compat to ur modem module other hacks to may be fix it will be Put your modem to 4G Only plus VoLTE Enabled plus call to ur carrier to Reset ur Signal.

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No…nothing has changed with my carrier (I work for them spoke directly to one of our wireless engineers). My phone registered properly before sending it in for service and now it doesn’t after replacing the modem and configuring exactly as it was before other than updated software/firmware since sending it in. I was very good about being current with the updates. I’ve tried VoLTE, no VoLTE nothing works, the antennas are intact and connected (visually verified).

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ok so what version of firmware before that worked and version now that does not work?
remember? if so you could ping to Purism to revert of version i hope is possible.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the previous version and my phone is apart right now waiting to hear back from them. I just wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem, so I could see if there was some sort of pattern, but this thread got stomped as if I haven’t already emailed support.

I got this issues before than i did huge troubleshooting.

Speaking on behalf of support then saying to contact support. There’s some irony in there I can feel it.


I think what was missed by Frankly was the intent of this thread was not to get support for my issue but to gather intel in a broader sense to see if there are some issues with carriers and the modem to try and establish a pattern that might be useful to the devs and not everyone can post bugs on Github or whatever it is they are using now.


FWIW everyone can contact support when they have an issue and support should be tracking those issues for trends. No need for git experience at all from the end customer.

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Emphasis on “should be”. Strangely, a couple years ago I’m the one who had to tell a Purism employee about the issues with hinges on the Librem 15’s. He indicated that “support” was not aware of this obvious trend.


I think that if this topic is to achieve anything, more information should be included e.g.

  • what 4G band your carrier uses in an area where you cannot register
  • if you have problems making phone calls then whether you are using VoLTE or not (yes, I realise that you yourself including that information later on)
  • where your carrier is up to with the phase out of 3G
  • what modem variant
  • what modem firmware version

In your specific case,

… it would be a fair question to ask whether the modem firmware was changed while the phone was in for service

… and what it was in for service for.


I believe that the firmware is the same. My phone went into service because it stopped charging so I assume they replaced the power board, and they also replaced my modem as the u.fl connector on my modem popped off when I did the sparklan card procedure to re-route the antenna cables.

Bottom line is the phone went into support I assumed they would have run it through it’s paces before sending it back, they had it for a couple weeks and when it came back it was factory reset, so that confirmed to me that they did test it or so I thought.

I assume that (re)flashing is standard procedure when send in for repair. .

If flashing/reflashing is standard that’s a pretty lame standard. There’s the ability to SD boot, ergo sdboot for testing, the emmc can be tested a number of ways for functionality, and as such a reflash should only be relevant when a software issue is determined AND after consent from the customer.

In this case however, if they replaced “the power board” that is also the mainboard which would include the emmc storage and in turn this would be a fresh install by necessity.

To not qa test a device before sending it back would be sloppy. Hopefully the failure was something else.

Speaking out of experience, you need to tick a box stating that you agree to flashing the L5 on the repair form.
What I don’ know is that every L5 will be flashed when sending in. Mine has been though.

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You shouldn’t really ever send any computer in for repair with your data in it. So I would reflash before sending it in. Then it doesn’t matter either way whether Purism reflashes. Reflashing before sending it in is also good as confirmation that whatever the problem is it is not caused by things that you have installed or settings that you have changed etc.

Obviously you would backup before reflashing and restore once it comes back.

Equally obviously there will be repair situations where some of these steps by you are simply not possible.

Maybe it worked fine on a carrier that is local to the repair centre.

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That would fall under “something else”

That should be a standard practise.
However, when the defect hardware is not responding to user input, that might not always be possible.
In favor for Purism, the repair instructions tell you the exact same thing: remove all personel data if possible.

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Yes I ticked the box to allow them to wipe the device.

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