Modem regression from suspend after latest updates?

A month and a half or so ago, I updated my Librem 5, and all of a sudden the modem would consistenly come up from suspend. I could receive text messages, phone calls and the network connection would work. I was very pleased.

However, 2 days ago I updated it again, and I’m back to the experience I had before all these good things. After waking up from suspend, the modem won’t come up and I have to power cycle it before it will receive text messages, phone calls or I can use the network connection. What happened?

These are the updates I installed that regressed my experience (as fetched from /var/log/apt/history.log):

squeekboard:arm64 (1.21.0-1pureos1, 1.22.0-1pureos1)
chatty:arm64 (0.7.0-1pureos1, 0.7.2-1pureos1)
phosh-plugins:arm64 (0.25.2-1pureos2, 0.26.0-1pureos1)
phoc:arm64 (0.25.2-1pureos1, 0.26.0-1pureos1)
libxml2-utils:arm64 (2.9.10+dfsg-6.7+deb11u3, 2.9.10+dfsg-6.7+deb11u4)
feedbackd-common:arm64 (0.0.1-1pureos1, 0.1.0-1pureos1)
libxml2:arm64 (2.9.10+dfsg-6.7+deb11u3, 2.9.10+dfsg-6.7+deb11u4)
feedbackd:arm64 (0.0.1-1pureos1, 0.1.0-1pureos1)
gnome-settings-daemon-common:arm64 (3.38.2-1pureos3, 3.38.2-1pureos4)
phosh:arm64 (0.25.2-1pureos2, 0.26.0-1pureos1)
gnome-settings-daemon:arm64 (3.38.2-1pureos3, 3.38.2-1pureos4)
bm818-tools:arm64 (0.6-0pureos1, 0.7-0pureos1)
millipixels:arm64 (0.20.0-1pureos1, 0.21.0-1pureos1)
gnome-calls:arm64 (44~alpha.1-1pureos2, 44.0-1pureos1)
linux-image-6.1.0-1-librem5:arm64 (6.1.22pureos1, 6.1.23pureos1)
phosh-mobile-tweaks:arm64 (0.25.2-1pureos2, 0.26.0-1pureos1)
linux-image-librem5:arm64 (6.1.22pureos1, 6.1.23pureos1)
libfeedback-0.0-0:arm64 (0.0.1-1pureos1, 0.1.0-1pureos1)
linux-libc-dev:arm64 (6.1.22pureos1, 6.1.23pureos1)

Even with the latest updates I got today, nothing changed for the better:

linux-image-6.2.0-1-librem5:arm64 (6.2.10pureos2, automatic)
linux-image-librem5:arm64 (6.1.23pureos1, 6.2.10pureos2)
linux-libc-dev:arm64 (6.1.23pureos1, 6.2.10pureos2)